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A Case Report on Lamotrigine Complications and Review of the Literature

Lamotrigine, with the brand name of Lamictal, is a common and popular newer generation anticonvulsant that has been widely used to treat a variety of conditions including bipolar disorder as a mood stabilizer and seizure disorders. It has one of the best track records among anticonvulsants in terms of efficacy and safety. It is effective for mood disorders and different kind of seizures including both generalized and focal seizures. It is also among the safest in women of child bearing age. One of its common side effects is allergic skin rash which is related to the speed of titration of dose. Sometimes, the skin hypersensitivity may be much more severe with Steven Johnsons Syndrome (SJS). However, it is not recognized often by clinicians including neurologists or psychiatrists that it may also more the severe hypersensitivity problems including Anticonvulsant Hypersensitivity Syndrome (AHS), and in very rare cases drug induced lupus.


Pirau L and Lui F

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