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Assessing the Level of Knowledge of Hepatitis C among Pakistani Students at University of Bedfordshire

Recent times have seen migration occurring on a large scale basis. This involves people from various parts of the globe emigrating for varying purposes. This migration has had a profound impact on public health and healthcare systems all over the world. Migration has become an essential determinant of public health. Currently Pakistan is ranked second highest, globally, for the prevalence of Hepatitis C within its population with current nationwide prevalence of hepatitis C is 4.8%. Due to the high prevalence of Hepatitis C in Pakistan and the fact that large numbers of Pakistani immigrants/students are travelling from Pakistan into the UK, there is a large potential of outbreak in the UK for the spread of hepatitis C. This serious and alarming correlation is taken as a base for this researchpaper.


Muhammad Shahzad, G. Randhawa, Z.A. Sandhu

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