Data Management (Dm): A Veritable Tool for Sustainable Service Delivery in Nigerian Navy Reference Hospital (Nnrh) Calabar

As the healthcare sector continues to evolve, data is becoming the driving force for every successful hospital. It provides the bases upon which informed decisions for service delivery emanate. To achieve best practices for service delivery in the health care sector, data management becomes inevitable. In Nigerian Navy Reference Hospital (NNRH) Calabar diverse database sources originate from different departments which if properly managed will provide a quality data fitfor-all utilization towards information-based service delivery. As a drive towards achieving this goal, this work intends to assess data management as a veritable tool for service delivery using the IQUA model. The study adopted qualitative research design to ascertain the relationship between information gathering, quality and usability of data for service delivery and the impact of data management system on the quality and usability of data for service delivery between the first, second, third and fourth quarter of the year 2019 in NNRH Calabar. It was found that the hospital encountered common data challenges associated with handling vast data volume. The hospital has a focus on data-centric mentality and the study made recommendations in the light of data findability, data quality assurance strategy, data synchronization and thinking the future.


Abdullahi M

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