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Exploring Evidence: A Challenge before Nurses of Today

The review article presents the obstacles and the solutions towards the implementation of Evidence Based Practice among the nurses in India by merging the content and concept from a few set of related articles by the experts and those include K Gitumoni and K Jyasree. The barriers and challenges of conducting nursing research and communicatoing findings into practice. Daphne c duncombe. A study of perceived barriers and faciliattors to implement evidenced based practice. Joan and Warren. A crosssectional study to assess the strength and challenges to implement ebp in nursing. B Mauricio, Implementing evidence based practice : a challenge for the nursing practice. M Neda and B naser . Nurses faculties knowledge and attitude on evidence based practice. The successful utilization of best evidence into practice depends on the knowledge of nurses , understanding the concepts, and its application. There exists various barriers and facilitators as well to the application of EBP among nurses. The practice can be a successful and routine process in an organization only if there could be support, encouragement and recognition by the administration. The health care team in India must provide an indispensible support to eliminate those barriers and facilitate the optimal care through best evidences in the health care facilities. Thus the article comprises a cross cut view on the obstacles in the application of best evidences in the clinical setting.


Stephy Sabu

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