Integration of StopHF Model in Primary Healthcare System In Pakistan

Pakistani healthcare system consist of rural health centre (RHC), basic health unit (BHU) connected to district headquarter hospital which offer specialist services. RHC and BHU form the basis of primary care in Pakistan. There is another parallel private healthcare system which serve 70% of the population. Due to lack of facilities in primary healthcare system most of the population attends private healthcare. Private healthcare system serves 70% of the general population in Pakistan and most of the patients would prefer to attend private clinic and private hospitals for minor or major illnesses. These private clinic also serve a major part in primary prevention and management of cardiovascular diseases. Primary prevention plays an important role in management of cardiovascular disease. In STOP-HF "first-of-its-type" research study, the investigators recruited 1374 individuals with cardiovascular risk factors from a nurse-lead healthcare cardiovascular screening program in the catchment area of St. Vincent's University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland, between January 2005 to December 2009. This study demonstrated reduction in adverse cardiovascular events using BNP guided risk stratification of patients with cardiovascular risk factors. STOP-HF offers an excellent design to the global community on how to incorporate simple screening testing with secondary and tertiary healthcare system. Pakistani healthcare system can utilise STOP-HF model for the management of cardiovascular risk factor using BNP testing for identifying high risk population and early diagnosis and management of heart failure.


Muhammad Shahzad

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