Marijuana in the Workplace: A Survival Guide for California Employers

California’s regulations regarding marijuana use have significantly changed in recent years and it is evident that it will continue to change as we move ahead. With the evolution of legislation surrounding the use of marijuana, California employers must be knowledgeable about the drug and understand its implications on the work environment. The legalization of marijuana in California has compelled employers to pilot through a reasonable balance between an individual’s right to use marijuana and an employers’ right to maintain a safe and drug-free workplace. This article presents a brief history of California regulations related to marijuana use and provides a comprehensive guide to employers by analyzing the effects of marijuana and discussing the issues associated with the legalization of substance use in California and its relations to workplaces. As these regulations evolve, employers must ensure that appropriate policies and processes are in place to address situations that arise from pre-employment testing and workplace conduct related to marijuana use.


Terry Jaqua and Elaine Gutierrez

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