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Measuring Healthcare Quality in Big Public Hospital in Vietnam Country

Objective: Measuring healthcare quality of the big public hospital in developing countries by the functional quality by servQual instrument and technical quality of healthcare by eight dimensions Subject and Method: The study obtained feedback from patients, measure consumers’ perceptions of healthcare quality in both functional and technical quality including, using the SERVQUAL instrument with five generic dimensions (the original 22 item instruments) for functional quality to combination with the 8 dimensions for technical quality for General clinic department at Bachmai Hospital in Vietnam country. The study refers to the period from December 2013 to Jan 2014. Result: Altogether 550 persons were interviewed and 513 patients were identified by stratified random sampling. Most outpatients whose length of stay in general clinic department in the Bachmai hospital. Measuring healthcare quality by functional and technical quality. The functional quality by SERQUAL instrument with 5 items (22 score) and Technical quality item (8 score). Servqual instrument had 5 items are the “Tangible”, “Reliability”, “Responsiveness”, “Assurance”, “Empathy” including and Technical quality item’s Technical Quality; There items have highly patient satisfaction (PS) mean are 3.9196 ± 0.59615, 3.8104 ± 0.73355, 3.9532 ± 0.67188, 3.8998 ± 0.58325, 3.9513 ± 0.61043, 3.9671 ± 0.59481, respectively, and Cronbach alpha for the first construct of public are 0.824, 0.869, 0.860, 0.808, 0.847, and 0.927, respectively. After performing factor analysis, we have four elements are drawn: Factor 1 (Responsiveness) with 8 variables, factor 2 (Reliability) with 6 variables, factor 3 (Tangible) with 5 variables, factor 4 (Technical quality) with 8 variables with highly Corrected Item-Total Correlation of PS and reliability coefficient. Conclusion: Adjusted research model for the public hospital have four construct from levels of customer satisfaction about service quality is influenced by the SERVQUAL (3 items are responsivenes, reliability and tangibles with 19 scores) and Technical Quality instrument (8 scores) with total of 27 scores. The model provides feedback on the quality of a public hospital experience from the adult outpatient’s perspective at the developing nation as Vietnam country.


Dung Chu S*, Quoc Nguyen A and Sin Khong T

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