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University of Medical Science of Havana Faculty of Medical Science √Ę??10 de Octubre√Ę?¬ĚBrief analysis about the Smoking Economic Benefits

Background: Smoking is given by the tobacco consumption. Thus all smoking economic benefits are based on this fact. Some economic sectors are benefited from the smoking economic impact over the health services demand. The magnitude of these economic benefits is given by the relevancy from the effective demand of health services attributable to smoking.

Objective: To describe the main economic benefits attributable to smoking.

Materials and methods: As theatric methods were used the historic – logic the inductive – deductive and the comparative. As empiric method it used the bibliographic research.

Results: The financial resources able to access to the health services may be limited by the same reason that motive the health service demand: the smoking. One of the more singular economic benefits from smoking is given by the smoker earlier death. The smoker over-mortality carries to reduce the demand of Social Security services to retired people agree to life expectation reduction. Much times the unquestionable health valued isn´t sufficiently considered by fiscal authorities who consider more important at short time the practice value from the smoking economic benefits. That’s why it isn´t sufficient with the understanding and acknowledge from the smoking impact over the life quality and life expectation.

Conclusion: The social and the human development may not be supported in the existence of a risk factor that reduces the life value reducing the health quality and life expectative at same time, which raise the living cost and favor to a reduced people number across the addiction to the nicotine.


Efraín Sánchez González,  Fé Fernández Hernández

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