University of Medical Science of Havana Faculty of Medical Science √Ę??10 de Octubre√Ę?¬ĚBrief analysis about the Smoking Economic Benefits

The cost – benefit relation is a rate of practice using. It is largely utilized to measure the smoking socioeconomic impact in the researched population[1].

Public Health often supports extended arguments showing the smoking economic consequences over morbidity and mortality in costs form. However, the arguments about benefits attributable to smoking usually are supported by smoking defenders[2,3,4,5].

The smoking economic benefits acknowledge don’t means a position agrees to smoking. Moreover that, it is important to understand these economic benefits for a better understanding about government position agree to smoking extension specially when these political authorities are extensive knowing the smoking impact over morbidity and mortality[6,7].

Smoking is given by the tobacco consumption. Thus all smoking economic benefits are based on this fact[8].


Efraín Sánchez González,  Fé Fernández Hernández

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